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Professional Development for Teachers

Implement filmmaking and technology into any classroom.

These interactive professional development workshops have been designed to empower educators with the tools and knowledge to implement filmmaking and everyday technology, like iPads, within the classroom. These workshops form a base in which educators can integrate various Curriculum areas. Learning these skills will provide educators with the confidence to facilitate these skills on a regular basis and in turn, build students’ confidence to become responsible digital citizens and content creators for an evolving technological future.

“It was one of my favourite workshops I have undertaken…I look forward to using the skills you taught us.”
J. Nothdurft, Regional Youth Support coordinator

Mobile Video Production PD

Endless possibilities for filmmaking in any classroom!

  • Create engaging “How to” videos explaining procedural knowledge.
  • Learn how to teach students to create their own content.
  • Watch students take pride in and ownership of their own learning.
  • Easily publish students’ work on platforms they understand.
  • Profit from autonomous learning as students rewind, rewatch, and edit their own work.
  • Flip your classroom.
  • Track students’ learning and create a portfolio of digital evidence.
  • Engage your students like never before as they work in a mode that resonates with their generation.
  • Arrest your students’ undivided attention as you reignite their imagination.

Reinvigorate your classroom

Encourage students to own their learning – with filmmaking and video production.

Throughout our workshops, you will cover the planning, production, and post-production phases of filmmaking as you create your own “How to” film and documentary. As you progress through the day, you will develop an understanding of the endless possibilities of using an iPad as a complete device that can transform your everyday practice.

Capped at 25 participants, our workshops will be tailored to your needs, allowing you to develop the skills you require to exploit filmmaking across any KLA. No prior filming experience necessary. Devices will be provided on the day. This hands-on day will help you to grow in confidence when using ICTs as both a learning and teaching tool.

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New ATAR PD in 2019!

ATAR PD to up-skill our educators in video production.

Let Activate Ed get you ahead of the new curriculum with our ATAR Workshop Series. These hands on sessions up-skill educators to ensure pedagogical and quality assurance standards of senior assessment. Learn how to set up your own DIY content creation studio for your syllabus. We have developed these workshops uniquely for your classroom using the latest software and equipment for iPads and iPhones. With this PD, you will gain the skills to empower your students to produce quality video.

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