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Workshops for Primary & Secondary

Curriculum based learning using todays technology

Activate Ed has designed these workshops in alignment with the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority (2017). Each workshop is connected with the Digital Technologies curriculum and some can also be linked to the Design and Technologies curriculum in creating digital solutions.

These workshops can be implemented as an incursion, as an after school program or for a special event. Activate Ed can develop workshops to work with you and your students to address their specific curriculum needs as well as their differentiated needs for learning. The benefit of Activate Ed is that workshop content can be tailored to fit into existing units, inquiries, events and themes; or we can develop workshop content on your behalf.

Check out a fantastic examples produced by West Moreton Anglican College and our TV spot on Totally Wild!

In the spirit of the amazingly successful Create Queensland Regional Roadshow with Activate, the Department of Education and Youtube Kids, Activate Ed has put together their own Roadshow 2.0, our Digital Festival.

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2017: Create Queensland Regional Roadshow

We visited 72 schools across Queensland from Pormpuraaw to Cunnamulla and everywhere in-between for the Department of Education & Training and YouTube Kids teaching children filmmaking and introducing them to emerging technologies.


Choose from our popular catalogue of In School incursions!

Pitch Your Product

This workshop incorporates both the Digital Technologies and the Design and Technologies subject through creating a digital solution for a product.

Suitable: Yr 3 – Yr 9

Factual Filmmaking

Students will use cutting edge technology to produce a documentary, assisting students in understanding that documentaries are a form of storytelling that explore factual stories.

Suitable: Yr 3 – Yr 9

Library Workshops

This workshop offers students the opportunity to learn the art of filmmaking while simultaneously developing vital skills needed for a digital future.

Suitable: Yr 3 – Yr 9

Animation Techniques (stop motion)

In this workshop students will use iPads to develop the film making technique, stop motion animation. This engaging technique requires capturing numerous photos which are played back in quick succession to make inanimate objects appear to move independently.

Suitable: Yr 3 – Yr 9

Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling is narrative told across multiple media platforms to create a whole, cohesive story. Media platforms can include: blogs, novels, ebooks, comics, mobile apps, video games or films.

Suitable: Yr 6 – Yr 10

Special & Visual FX

Students will use a combination of special effects makeup, costumes and a variety of applications using state of the art technology to produce any themed narrative.

Suitable: Yr 6 – Yr 10

Youtube Content Creation

This tutorial encompasses filmmaking skills, cybersafety and content creation and like all of Activate Entertainment’s workshops, it can be used as a base from which Curriculum integration can occur.

Suitable: Yr 6 – Yr 10

My Year __ Life

Students take traditional documentary filmmaking techniques and combine them with modern skills of video blogging to create what is known as a vlogumentary.

Suitable: Yr 6 – Yr 10

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We create tailored and specific courses for all types of educational institutions, if you can’t seem to find a course that meets your specific needs – let us know! We’re always more than willing to find a way to work together!

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Workshops for Yrs 11-12 and their student assessments.

Let Activate Ed get your students ahead of the new curriculum with our ATAR Workshop Series for students. These workshops ensure that students are producing authentic responses and enable them to be accountable for managing their assessments. We have developed workshops uniquely for your classroom using the latest software and equipment for iPads and iPhones.

Costs and maximum student numbers as per our In-School Incursion pricing structure in our In-Schools Brochure above. Call us on 07 3899 2160 for more information or to book.

Or call us on 07 3899 2160

for more information or to book.

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