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Activate Ed offers an exciting range of OSHC & Vacation Care incursions for a quick blast of filmmaking fun. Each participant gets a hands-on experience making their own movie, which combines real-time visual effects with acting and team collaboration. Select your incursion theme below and book!

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Heroes and Villains

Ever wanted to save the world? Perhaps you prefer to dominate it? Well this is your chance! Power land into the fun world of super powers and compete in the ultimate showdown of good against evil.

Fairytale Fantasies

In our fairytale filmmaking workshops, anything can happen… and it usually does! Magical spells are cast, dragons are slayed and usually the princess is rescued …usually.

Wizards and Warlocks

Enter the world of Hogwarts and all things bizarre in this magical filmmaking workshop. Become a powerful witch, wizard or warlock and test your newfound abilities in a duel with your friends.

Alien Invasion

The skies are alive with extraterrestrial life! Are they friend or foe? Find out in this exploration of other worlds and other life forms that will ignite your curiosity.

Music Star

Dance, sing and act in your very own music video! Use green screen technology along with a heap of cool effects to produce a visual masterpiece that you can share with friends and family!

Cops and Robbers

Step into the world of bank robberies, bad-guy chases and saving the day! Help us bring to life your very own action film. Just pick a side and find out which one prevails.

Action Hero

Go on a high-octaine, high-impact spree of explosions and chase scenes that will leave your friends and family believing you’re a real life action super star!

Anime Hero

Join the likes of your favourite cartoon characters on TV as you become a real life anime hero with cool powers and an equally cool look! Get dressed up and combine the worlds of cosplay and visual effects filmmaking.

Zombie Invasion

Who doesn’t love a good zombie movie? Well it’s way more fun to make a zombie movie! Use make-up, fake blood and plenty of groaning to bring your deadly flick to life.

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