Careers of Tomorrow

Recently, I experienced virtual reality for the first time at an event held by the Brisbane VR community. Needless to say I was more excited than a kid in a candy store when I found out about their event. I was able to experience some cool stuff, like go helicopter flying over cannons and over mountains, play basketball in a virtual arcade centre and even make a 3D creation out of virtual clay.

This experience got me thinking about tomorrow’s world and what that may look like for our young people and in particular their workforce. These types of technologies means that career pathways will look very different in the future. Job that existed 15 years ago have been replaced robotics and the internet has become more powerful then anyone could have imagined. Concepts like cloud computing, the internet of things and drone deliveries are radically change how we work, live and play. With an ever increasing population, there has never been a more important time to break traditional work/life paths and show our kids another way.

A big focus of Activate Entertainment is on getting the most advanced technology in front of the youngest minds, in the hope that once they see and experience current trends, their little minds will then think ‘ok, that was cool – but what else is there?’.


Activate Entertainment is a learning center in Brisbane that teaches creativity and digital technology through educational experiences with a focus on filmmaking with devices. We believe that visual storytelling through digital technology offers endless possibilities for creating content. We offer inexpensive and DIY filmmaking solutions for in schools, small business and large organisations. 

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